I’m trying to figure out how to implement the grass growth and after some though arrived at the conclusion that grass shouldn’t be a Floor class. A grass is plant, and I want plants to be individual instances separated from the floor they are planted on. This makes sense as you can move a tree or pick a flower and plant it in a vase in your home.

So the grass needs then to inherit from clsPlant:

  • clsLiving
    • clsAnimal
      • clsBovine
    • clsPlant
      • clsGrass
      • clsTree

So then I need a way to create non-floor entities. It should be done from the map editor, and then there should be a way a way to distinguish between defined clsFloor, clsPlant and clsAnimal entities in the map editor.

I guess a tile could be defined as a class (clsHuman, clsFloor, clsGrass), and when you make a dynamic tile, then you should only be able to select between defined static tiles of the same class.

Yeah, I’ll do that.

In that case, I need a central list of available classes so that the user can select between them.


clsFloor items will be placed directly on the map, while the others classes will have to be placed on some other class, and not being able to move to a map slot without a clsFloor.

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