WGW- Westland Generations Wiki

I installed a wiki for the game, using the MediaWiki software.


You are most welcomed to create a account there!

I have no also created event handling for when a new day occurs. I’ll change the grass from the previously shown version were it changed depending on the seasons to each day handling the event raised by the new day, and growing depending on the amount of sunshine it received that day. I’ll add sensitivity to water, temperature and nutrition later.

Later, i’ll add that snow will be added as a separate entity on top of the grass entity, lowering the temperature and blocking sunlight for anything bellow the snow.

My next immediate goal is to have the grass actually grow each day, displaying a new image when a certain growth threshold has been reached, and then crate the code necessary to have a bovine move and eat the grass, reducing it’s height.

Further ahead, I’ll add trampling damage to the grass, and nutritional value to the dirt and have the grass spread. At that point, I’ll think I’m done with grass.

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